Life with Shri Mataji

Sir CP Srivastava with his wife, Shri Mataji

Even though C.P. Srivastava didn’t practise Sahaja Yoga he has said it changes people from the core. He has described Sahaja Yoga practitioners as being miracles of transformation and displaying an angelic quality. He believed that the rapid spread of Sahaja Yoga is very important for the world.”

Of all that he achieved in his life that for which history will most revere is that he loved and cared for Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi for most of Her life supporting Sahaja Yoga from its earliest days in every way and means possible.

For the last seven years of Shri Mataji’s life he cared and loved Her for each and every day offering a deep and abiding devotion and love beyond description.

He was a man of high intellect and significant standing in the world yet opened his home and his life to all who came to help look after Shri Mataji treating them like his own family.