Sir CP & Sahaja Yoga

Sir C.P. and his wife Shri Mataji in Sydney with Sahaja Yogis in 1981

Even though Sir C.P. didn’t practise Sahaja Yoga he has said it changes people from the core. He has described Sahaja Yoga practitioners as being miracles of transformation and displaying an angelic quality. He believed that the rapid spread of Sahaja Yoga is very important for the world.

Poem:    Thank you, Sir      (2012)

When you might have enjoyed keeping your wife to yourself
Privately enjoying celebrations and home life
Amidst your own relatives
You chose instead to share with us
A family of multitudes
From many nations but with one heart

You sacrificed personal time 
With the wife and Mother of your family
And extended an extraordinary gift
You gave us time with Shri Mataji

Not for days or weeks
But for years which became decades
Our spiritual Mother travelled to us and with us
Shining truth on lost and stumbling seekers
Revealing soul secrets we would never have known 
As barren ground transformed into fragrant blossom

You so generously shared that time we spent with Shri Mataji
And for such a precious gift
We can only offer our profoundly grateful thanks
And sincerest appreciation


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